How it works

Free Assessment

We'll talk through your child's strengths, weaknesses, and academic objectives.

We will share one or more online groups, led by professional educators that fit your student's profile and learning philosophy.

Warm Introduction

We will gently introduce you to your child's team mates and warmly onboard you into your homeschooling group.

Step-by-step, your student will get to know their new routines and will start getting excited with their learning goals and projects.

The perfect schedule

We have optimised the daily schedule. The groups meet five days a week for a total of three hours throughout the day, including a morning standup, direct instruction on difficult topics and group projects or debates.

The curriculum includes three additional hours of independent study, guided by your teacher who tailors the work to each child.

Learn How We Can Accelerate Your Child’s Learning

Regardless of academic level, your child will progress through our individualised instruction; incrementally at his or her own pace.